What makes us different...


We are not limited in the solutions we can provide.

We do not engage in the RFP process. This is a designed solution.

We succeed when both our carrier and our client have a winning outcome.

We bring control to the problems that appear uncontrollable. 


Sustainable Value

What sets Paystar Logistics apart is our focus on building lasting solutions  for our clients AND our carriers.
— Lindsey Rains, Chief Operating Officer

In talking to our clients about how they spend their time, we’ve come to find that they spend the least amount developing potential suppliers. Vetting carriers is time consuming, expensive, and a secondary job for most transportation managers. Your primary job is to manage your supply chain and, in most cases, that is a full-time job and then some.

Transportation procurement has been relegated to the RFP process and usually does a great job solving most of your transportation needs. But it almost never solves all of your needs. We define it as Passive Sourcing. You select a group of carriers that meet your specific criteria, award the lanes, and hope based on what they tell you, the RFP will execute your strategy. Most work, some don’t, and then what do you do? On lanes that fall outside your core carrier’s capability or desire, we have built Paystar Logistics. We like to call Paystar methodology Active Sourcing.




One of the things that makes Paystar Logistics unique is you will never hear us talk about the thousands of carriers we have access too or the endless capacity we can bring to bear to the market place. In fact, just the opposite. We believe that in building sustainable capacity, less is more.
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"We don't see just trucks and distribution centers. We see networks and relationships."

Chris Coutinho, CEO Paystar Logistics


What is our market area?


Paystar Logistics provides transportation services, both dry and refrigerated, across the United States and Canada.


Domestic United States

Our Clients' needs range from local operations in the L.A. Basin to team operations across the country, to dedicated operations on the east coast and everything in between.

  • Local, In Town Operations

  • Regional Transportation

  • Team Service

  • Dedicated

  • Dry Van

  • Refrigerated


Domestic Canada

We operate in all provinces of Canada moving truckload domestically within the country.

We operate both in U.S. and Canadian currency.




We move loads daily to and from the U.S. and Canada.



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Having the right technology requires more than a mission statement.



API Friendly 

At Paystar, we see the future as a fluid and changing horizon requiring intelligence, execution, and decisiveness to navigate. It is why we embrace open API for business-to-business communication.



In today's market place, responsible logistics is about being proactive and seeing in real time the road ahead of you. Paystar provides carriers and clients the insight they need with 24/7 visibility and real time tracking.

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Our TMS is built from the ground up, leveraging existing standards of EDI technology to bring visibility with the right data to both our clients and carriers. 


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