• Sustained Freight Flow

    We bring long-term, year round freight flow at SUSTAINABLE pricing.

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  • Better Asset Utilization

    We fill LANES and not individual loads which keeps your assets moving year-round.

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  • Fast Payments

    We can pay the carrier in 30 days regardless of how long the client terms are.

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For Carriers


Instead of negotiating we collaborate to ensure the RIGHT RATE, so the RIGHT CARRIER can have the best lanes possible.

Paystar is the kind of company you can build your business around. We take the time to understand your network, your development goals, and your driver base. We begin the process with you in mind. We bring you year-round sustainable business and focus entirely on service and long-term stability. We don’t bid out your business, we don’t do RFP’s, and we don’t chase seasonal or transactional freight. This focused philosophy means that our business isn’t for every carrier, but for the carriers who decide this is what they want, they discover why Paystar is a different experience.

Our goal is to have a working relationship with both our clients as well as our carriers. We sit down with every carrier we engage, at their headquarters, to have a clear understanding of their goals, operating capabilities, and business philosophy. You can’t do that over the phone or exchanging emails.

Asset Utilization

Our solution provides LONG TERM, YEAR ROUND, SUSTAINABLE FREIGHT FLOW by filling LANES and not loads

Payment terms

Our payment terms are not reliant on the customers which provides you a predictable cash flow to run and grow your business.

Integrated Fleet

SUSTAINABILITY is achieved through our integrated fleet model which delivers consistent, profitable and predictable freight flow.

What Our Carriers Say About Us

Libra Express is excited to continually build a progressive business relationship with Paystar Logistics. We love the transparency and open communication of their operation, which has made the entire order process easy from the get go. When they make a promise, we can rely on them to fulfill that promise.

The difference between Paystar and other operators is their combination of experience, eagerness, communication, expectations set in advance, transparency in the scope of work, and a well-engaged team. The journey becomes a partnership and a group of like-minded players. Truly a pleasure working with our partners from the south.

Paystar Logistics has been an asset to our daily operations. There’s never any doubt, when issues arise in this business, my contacts at Paystar are always quick to respond and help resolve any issues quickly and professionally. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Paystar!

  • We Find Capacity

    We convert passive sourcing into ACTIVE SOURCING. We engage every carrier face to face in order to understand what drives their business.

  • Quality Network

    Each of our carriers value partnership, sustainability, service, and safety. We take the time to ensure your business is significant to our carriers, which produces an unparalleled product for you.

  • The Right Carrier

    We source our client’s lanes with a singular focus. The focus on every lane we source is to find the RIGHT CARRIER, not just A CARRIER.