Paystar exists to create unrivaled solutions.

Each of our carriers value partnership, sustainability, service, and safety. We take the time to ensure your business is significant to our carriers, which produces an unparalleled product for you.



Our focus on sustainability doesn’t stop with our client and carrier partnerships. We have taken special care to create technology-driven systems and environmentally conscious operations across our entire network.

Paystar’s Technology

To make process management and shipment control more efficient and sustainable for our partners, Paystar has partnered with Tetheree, to develop innovative, collaboration-based, workflow management solutions.

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    Web-based, synchronized data and messaging systems create workflow procedures in real-time, from anywhere.

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    Automated risk discovery triggers enable our teams to anticipate problems, deliver solutions and maximize accuracy.

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    Stakeholders can access data and gather insights to inform future models that drive improved quality and performance.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental stewardship continues to be a primary focus of our organization. Our team has taken a variety of steps to promote a “green” operation.

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    SmartWay Certified

    Paystar Logistics is SmartWay Certified and in 2019 we were named a SmartWay Top Performer. The EPA’s SmartWay program helps companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.

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    Digital Workspace

    Implementation of our digital systems has resulted in a reduction of our carbon footprint and a 97% increase in workflow efficiency. This digital workspace allows us to work remotely, any time, anywhere.



Paystar Logistics is founded in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Chris Coutinho buys out his partners to become the primary owner of Paystar Logistics


Chris Coutinho & Lindsey Rains form a partnership to combine their expertise of small and large business experiences for clients and carriers


Paystar triples in revenue with the implementation of a forward-leading business operating model.



"We don’t see just trucks and distribution centers. We see networks and relationships."

Chris Coutinho CEO

California 116

"What sets Paystar Logistics apart is our focus on building lasting solutions for our clients AND our carriers."

Lindsey Rains Chief Operating Officer


"Our goal is to have a working relationship with both our clients as well as our carriers."

Beth Brownridge Co-Founder and Managing Partner


"We take the time to understand your network, your development goals, and your driver base."

Matt Owanesian VP Operations

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