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Using Technology to Optimize Logistics Management

For our client and carrier partners, we know that having access to data and real-time process controls gives them the opportunity to continue to optimize their processes for efficiency and sustainability across their supply chains and fleets
Consistent delivery

Creating Sustainable Pricing Models for Clients and Carriers

In any business the bottom line matters, but understanding all the factors at play that can impact your bottom line is just as important. For many clients, price drives carrier selection. Using traditional sourcing practices like RFPs and load boards, many 3PLs will match carriers to jobs to help their clients get the lowest rates and fill their lanes as quickly as possible.

Paystar Reacts: Optimizing Regional Fleets for Post-Pandemic Success

Paystar Reacts: Optimizing Regional Fleets for Post-Pandemic Success It’s no secret that 2020 threw most of us for a loop. The pandemic and its still-unknown aftermath have shifted the way we live, work, shop, socialize and more.  For…

Paystar Logistics named SmartWay High Performer

Paystar Logistics is proud to announce our recent designation as a SmartWay High Performer.  As a SmartWay Partner, we join the EPA in their quest to build a more efficient, productive, and sustainable freight industry. Paystar set…