Why We’re Committed to the SmartWay program

At Paystar we aren’t just committed to a better solution for our clients and carriers. We also want to do our part to find a better solution to lessen our environmental impact. That’s why we are committed to the EPAs SmartWay program and their quest to build a more efficient, productive, and sustainable freight industry. 

Environmental stewardship continues to be a primary focus for us. Which is why we are committed to maintaining controls which limit environmental impact throughout our day-to-day operations. Our digital system has reduced our carbon footprint and increased our work efficiency by 97%.

Paystar set a goal to achieve sustainability across various segments of our business from the office to the highways, across our client and carrier relationships, and everywhere in between. This recent designation is the manifestation of our commitment to creating a more sustainable business model, each and every day.

The Transportation Sector and Emissions

In the U.S. the Transportation Sector is one of the top contributors to CO2 emissions. After a brief dip in 2020, due to pandemic-related shutdowns, most industries saw emissions return to pre-2020 levels and even rise. According to estimates from Rhodim Group, transportation and logistics will track a major spike once the 2021 numbers are finalized.

A recent report from Inside Climate News had this to say, “The transportation sector, which experienced the largest decline in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020, saw the largest increase in 2021 as demand, primarily for freight transport of consumer products and secondly for passenger travel, rebounded, the report said. However, even with the availability of Covid-19 vaccines, new variants and breakthrough cases led to staggered fuel demand. The sector’s 10 percent rise from 2020 emissions levels represents a recovery of about two-thirds of its drop from 2019 levels.

What is SmartWay?

The EPA’s SmartWay Program exists to help companies in the freight industry advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency.

How Do You Become a SmartWay High Performer?

Each year SmartWay partners will aggregate and submit data on their fleet efficiency and air quality performance. This data is used to provide scores for participating freight companies. SmartWay High Performers are those companies that fall in the top-ranking performance group for each category. View the full list of requirements here.

Benefits Of Being A SmartWay Partner

Why do we love being SmartWay partner? While there are tons of benefits, their tools and resources help us stay on track as we manage our goals towards a greener logistics and transportation process. 

Keeping Goals on Track

Our team is able to set benchmarks and track progress towards reaching them throughout the year. Because we’re tracking emissions, we’re able to compare our progress, year-over-year as we work to lower our emissions targets and lessen the environmental impact of the supply chains we service. 

Industry Recognition

Being Smartway Certified is a benefit for us and for our partner carriers and clients. By setting these goals for our organization, we’re able to connect with other certified partners to build greener logistics solutions and help our carrier and client partners meet their emissions and environmentally conscious goals. 

Operational Efficiency

Setting and working towards these goals also pushes our organization to be more operationally efficient in our day-to-day functions. We track and optimize our processes in an effort to eliminate waste and emissions and in turn it helps our team improve efficiency across the board.  

What Does This Mean For Paystar?

As climate change continues to be at the forefront of global issues, our commitment to building a more sustainable freight industry will remain a primary focus for the Paystar Logistics team.

Estimates from Inside Climate News show Net U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions trending down as organizations pitch in to do their part in reaching global emissions targets, and Paystar is committed to doing our part to reduce emissions and environmental risks across our network.

Our team is proud to continue our efforts towards sustainable business practices, both in the office and on the road. “We know that our decisions and our actions will not just impact us,” says CEO, Chris Coutinho, “but they will have a lasting effect on the world around us, which is why we’ve pushed to reach the “High Performer” designation under the SmartWay program.”



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