Collaborative Partnerships. Consistent Freight Flow.

At Paystar Logistics we build sustainable freight flow by matching you with the lane opportunities in our network that are best optimized for your growth and success.


Paystar Logistics works to identify the best-fit carrier partners to join our growing network. The focus is not on creating quick-fix solutions or overnight problem solving. By taking a relationship based approach to building our network, we are able to create sustainable freight flow for our carrier partners. We match you with lanes that offer the most opportunity for long term growth within your existing business model.

How It Works

Our process prioritizes face-to-face communication and a mutual understanding of the opportunities and challenges we can face, together. This is why Paystar Logistics only participates in active sourcing.

No Load Boards, No RFPs, No Transactional Deals.

Paystar’s focus is on matching your business with the best lane opportunities for you. This creates a two-fold solution. Consistent freight flow in your network and long-term solutions for our clients.

Our team recognizes the inefficiencies in the traditional sourcing and freight management processes, which is why we do not use load boards or work in single-solution transactional deals. These types of sourcing solutions are based on quick fixes and low-price offerings which bring complex scheduling, accounts receivable and EDI reporting issues for carriers. These issues are not sustainable for many carriers.

We Bring Network Lanes, Not Loads.

Since we do not participate in the traditional RFP process or seek quick turnaround freight load solutions, we are able to actively negotiate pricing, scheduling, and freight flow to create more profitable opportunities for our carrier network. We match you with a lane, not a load, giving you consistent capacity within your fleet.


By prioritizing long-term capacity opportunities, we’re able to offer a variety of benefits across our carrier network.

Asset 34

Asset Utilization

Because we know you and your business, we are able to pair you with opportunities that maximize asset utilization across your fleet. Our focus is on filling lanes, not loads, which means that our solution provides our carrier partners with long term, year-round sustainable freight flow.

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Payment Terms

In business, cash flow is king. We know that maintaining your assets and operations staff requires consistent cash flow, so we offer payment terms that are not reliant on the pay schedule of our customers. This provides you with the predictable cash flow you need to operate and grow your business.

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Integrated Fleet

Paystar Logistics uses an integrated fleet model with the goal of creating sustainable business opportunities through consistent, predictable and profitable freight flow.

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We're Invested In You

Our business model is focused on finding the right people to occupy the lane opportunities in our network. That means we take time to get to know you, your business, and your goals. We are invested in you and your success. Our goal is to create a longterm opportunity for our carrier partners and a longterm lane solution for our clients. 


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Network Access

Our carrier partners gain access to our established network of clients with lane opportunities across the United States and Canada. We pair clients with the ideal carriers to maintain freight flow in their available lanes throughout the year. This allows Paystar to offer our carrier partners year round freight flow for optimal asset utilization.

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Growth Opportunities

Our integrated carrier partners no longer have a need to chase individual RFP’s to fill slow seasonal periods. Because we fill lanes, not loads, asset utilization and driver retention improve with the consistency of freight flow, while internal cost structures are reduced by eliminating the inefficiencies of the traditional sourcing mechanisms.




"Paystar is the kind of company you can build your business around. We take the time to understand your network, your development goals, and your driver base. We begin the process with you in mind. We bring you year-round sustainable business and focus entirely on service and long-term stability. We don’t bid out your business, we don’t do RFP’s, and we don’t chase seasonal or transactional freight. This focused philosophy means that our business isn’t for every carrier, but for the carriers who decide this is what they want, they discover why Paystar is a different experience."

Matt Owanesian VP Operations, Paystar Logistics


"Our goal is to have a working relationship with both our clients as well as our carriers. We sit down with every carrier we engage, at their headquarters, to have a clear understanding of their goals, operating capabilities, and business philosophy. You can’t do that over the phone or exchanging emails."

Lindsey Rains Chief Operating Officer, Paystar Logistics

What our Carrier Partners Say

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We're not just looking to fill loads, we're matching partners in our network with opportunities optimized for long-term success and sustainable growth. Think you're a good fit?