We create consistent capacity in your trouble lanes.

Paystar Logistics is focused on bringing long term capacity solutions to your trouble lanes. Our goal in every lane we source is to match you with the right carrier, not just a carrier.


Paystar serves clients across a variety of industries, bringing freight solutions for inventory and merchandise moving throughout the United States and Canada. We bring nation-wide solutions with a regional focus.

Our goal is to match our clients with long-term carrier partners to maintain consistent freight flow across your trouble lanes by identifying the regional carriers capable of managing the trouble lanes across your network. We’ve developed a hands-on selection process to bring carriers into our network that are best-fit to compliment the specific needs of clients like you.

How It Works

Our team doesn’t work to find the quickest solution for your freight needs, we spend time sourcing the right carrier to offer you a long term solution for moving your inventory throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Why it works

We engage each of our carrier partners face-to-face. We learn their businesses, understand their current asset utilization strategy, and identify opportunities for them to plug into our network and fill lanes that may not be ideal for other, nation-wide carriers or non-regional freight companies.

By engaging our carriers in this way, we develop long-term relationships with businesses who are capable of increasing their capacity alongside the growing needs of our clients. We aren’t creating a one-time solution, many of our carriers have been Paystar partners for more than ten years and have maintained relationships with our clients for just as long.

We’re redefining 3PL one relationship at a time.

Our active sourcing model has allowed Paystar to develop key differentiators in a competitive market space. Our clients choose Paystar because:

  • We aren’t constrained by fleet size or geographics.
  • We never say no. Every problem has a solution and we work to help our clients find the right one.
  • We create winning solutions by hand-pairing clients with carrier partners.
  • We bring high performance capacity that is unavailable through other sourcing models.
  • We bring additional process control through increased communication and process management.
  • We bring high performance capacity that is unavailable through other sourcing models.

The Paystar Difference

We believe in our process because it works. We know each carrier we match to your lanes is the right carrier because we have hand-selected them to meet your specific needs.

Through active sourcing we are able to provide a winning solution for all the parties involved. Our clients find a long term solution to their “headache” lanes and our carriers have better asset utilization and freight flow opportunities across their organizations.

By sourcing through this method we are able to offer our clients consistency, control, and high-performance capacity.



We approach every project with a singular focus: find the RIGHT carrier, not just ANY carrier.

When we do this we are able to offer our clients unmatched consistency in their 3PL solutions.

Our integrated fleet of regional carriers is hand-picked through a process that ensures long-term sustainability within the lane. Our carriers do not bid a large selection of lanes in the hopes of gaining a few profitable ones, we match them with the lanes we know are profitable for them, meaning less turnover for our clients.

Paystar’s clients are treated as the PRIMARY client for each and every lane because we have matched you with the carrier best suited to meet your specific lane needs.

The Paystar Advantage

  • Accounting/bookkeeping cost reductions with one vendor vs. many;
  • Increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Improvements in on-time performance;
  • Reduction in the RFP process to fill gaps;
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Our curated network of carriers offers our clients more control and more confidence.

A transactional brokerage manages a large network of small carriers, offering little or no control over the quality and safety of every vendor. Paystars regional network is large enough to handle virtually any client's needs and small enough to accommodate face-to-face meetings with ownership and management.

We take the time to review and enhance communication and processes with our carrier partners regularly. This hands-on approach offers our clients more control over how their lanes are managed and served.

The Paystar Advantage

  • a high quality, higher performance fleet;
  • better on-time performance;
  • higher levels of customer service.


For our clients, capacity capabilities are a key component in identifying the ideal carrier partners. All of our clients find themselves asking the same questions:

  • Are our lanes covered?
  • Will shipments be delivered on time?
  • Will shipments arrive in good condition?
  • Will I have to find a new carrier next week?

With extensive experience in trucking and logistics, Paystar Logistics has worked to develop high performance capacity solutions for our clients that answers all these questions and bring increased peace of mind.

Our hands-on selection process means we take the time to identify your specific needs, locate your trouble spots, and match you with carriers who are uniquely fit to resolve those issues, longterm. This process is what improves performance across your entire logistics grid reducing internal costs while improving customer satisfaction rates.

The Paystar Advantage

  • a reduction in internal costs to manage your supply chain;
  • improved customer satisfaction rates;
  • sustainable growth in your business.

Join our network of clients and carrier partners.

We're not just looking to fill loads, we're matching partners in our network with opportunities optimized for long-term success and sustainable growth. Think you're a good fit?