Paystar Logistics is proud to announce our recent designation as a SmartWay High Performer. 

As a SmartWay Partner, we join the EPA in their quest to build a more efficient, productive, and sustainable freight industry.

Paystar set a goal to achieve sustainability across various segments of our business from the office to the highways, across our client and carrier relationships, and everywhere in between. This recent designation is the manifestation of our commitment to creating a more sustainable business model, each and every day. 

What is SmartWay?

The EPA’s SmartWay Program exists to help companies in the freight industry advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and improving freight transportation efficiency. 

How Do You Become a SmartWay High Performer? 

Each year SmartWay partners will aggregate and submit data on their fleet efficiency and air quality performance. This data is used to provide scores for participating freight companies. SmartWay High Performers are those companies that fall in the top-ranking performance group for each category. View the full list of requirements here

What does this mean for Paystar? 

As climate change continues to be at the forefront of global issues, our commitment to building a more sustainable freight industry will remain a primary focus for the Paystar Logistics team.

Our team is proud to continue our efforts towards sustainable business practices, both in the office and on the road. “We know that our decisions and our actions will not just impact us,” says CEO, Chris Coutinho, “but they will have a lasting effect on the world around us, which is why we’ve pushed to reach the “High Performer” designation under the SmartWay program.”

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