Many industry experts cite the increased use of technology as one of the primary drivers of success for regional shippers and logistics providers. It’s no secret that technology continues to shape the way we communicate, interact and engage in business each and every days. 

For our client and carrier partners, we know that having access to data and real-time process controls gives them the opportunity to continue to optimize their processes for efficiency and sustainability across their supply chains and fleets. 

Implementing Technology Across our Network

Paystar has partnered with Tetheree, a technology company focused on developing innovative collaboration based workflow management solutions — driving efficiency, quality, and transparency across systems, processes and stakeholders. 

This partnership has allowed us to develop a dashboard experience for our clients and carriers that gives them increased visibility of their networks, lanes, and loads. We’re focused on increasing the efficiency, quality and transparency of our processes and we know data and information is one of the key components in driving change. 


Our Web-based, synchronized data and messaging systems deliver accurate information with actionable workflow procedures across our team in real-time, from anywhere. That means we’re able to offer our clients and carriers 24/7 information and access as they work to manage loads and lanes across the U.S. and Canada. Increased access and visibility means increased efficiency. 


Quality doesn’t just stop at creating longterm partnerships across our network. We’re working with our clients and carriers to optimize their processes on a regular bases. We have outfitted our technology solutions with automated risk discovery triggers, which enable our teams to anticipate problems and implement mitigation efforts before a measurable degradation in performance.


We give your stakeholders access process-based data at various check-points with the goal of providing increased transparency and additional opportunities for improvement across your network. By revealing business intelligence insights, we are able to empower future models of improved quality and performance.

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