We talk a lot about optimizing our solutions for sustainable Freight Flow for our retail and manufacturing distribution clients. But what does that actually look like, and what are the benefits of working towards this goal? Here are 5 benefits we see for suppliers and retailers once they establish a consistent freight flow in their supply chain. 

What is Sustainable Freight Flow?

Many of our Paystar clients have developed a sustainable freight flow in lanes that they previously deemed their “trouble lanes.” 

What does sustainable freight flow look like? For many of our clients, it’s the consistent movement of their goods across their supply chain network. Good freight flow means minimizing delays and missed pickups or deliveries and ensuring the predictable movement of goods from origin to destination in a specific lane.

How does Paystar Logistics Optimize Freight Flow? 

Our team works to match clients to carriers that are most likely to have success in managing loads in the existing “trouble lanes.” We identify carriers who routinely operate in similar lanes with success, have the available fleet capacity, and meet a variety of other criteria for service, quality, and safety.    

By hand matching our clients with their best-fit carrier, we are able to deliver a more consistent, long-term transportation solutions than traditional 3PL providers who rely on load boards, auction sites, and RFPs to deliver solutions to their retail and manufacturing distribution clients.

Here are 5 benefits our clients often see as we begin to optimize freight flow across their supply chains.

Supply Chain Efficiency

Because our carrier partners are operating your lanes for an extended period of time, as opposed to a single-load solution, we are able to eliminate downtime in your process and help you work towards a more efficient supply chain model. 

Shipping Predictability And Improved Inventory Management

With a longterm logistics transportation solution in place, your shipping and delivery schedules operate with more predictability. This leads to better inventory management in your distribution centers and further down your supply chains at your retailer locations.

Reduced Dependence on Single-Load Logistics Solutions

Sourcing transportation can be costly. Whether you’re talking time or financial investment, bidding out individual loads across your supply chain results in mounting costs and frustrations. One of the biggest benefits to our freight flow optimization is a reduced dependence on single-load logistics solutions. Paystar is committed to ensuring your lanes are covered, longterm and we seek out carrier partners best fit to help us meet that goal.  

Transportation and Logistics Cost-Savings

Less change over means less cost. With a partner in place, you are free to move on from sourcing carriers one load at a time, to identifying and optimizing cost centers throughout your freight network and supply chain.

Increased Satisfaction

It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Taking away an area of frustration for many of our clients has lead to increased satisfaction with our service, but it doesn’t stop there. The trickle-down effect of optimizing your freight flow reaches all the way down your supply chain to the end-user or customer and all the way up your business model to shareholders. 

More consistency and predictability mean packages arrive on time and customer satisfaction increases, leading to repeat business. Internally, more efficient and predictable logistics solutions lead to minimized operational costs and better profit margins. 

If your business is ready to reap the rewards of improved freight flow and you’re looking to build longterm sustainability within your logistics network, we want to meet you! Contact one of our logistics experts today. 



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