Paystar Logistics Named Carrier of the Year by Gap, Inc.

At Paystar Logistics, our commitment to creating relationship-focused 3PL solutions has allowed our team to focus on the key components of the logistics networks we support, the people behind them. 

Our team is proud to share that we were recently named the Carrier of the Year for Gap, Inc. Our partnership with the Gap family of companies has allowed us to connect our carrier network with sustainable lane opportunities, creating a win-win on both sides of the equation. This recognition was earned through a dedication from Paystar and our carrier partners to quality, on-time delivery, and an on-going focus on service to the clients we serve, together. 

“Paystar is honored to be recognized by Gap, Inc. as Carrier of the Year,” says Lindsey Rains, COO of Paystar Logistics. “We want to thank our partners at Gap as well as our carrier partners who have worked throughout the year to help us earn this recognition.” 


As we round the corner on another phase of the pandemic that has presented so many issues for logistics networks across the globe, we are humbled to be recognized as a provider who’s getting it right. 

Over the last two and a half years, our team has remained dedicated to finding the best fit solutions for our partners and helping them to problem-solve the challenges they are facing across their transportation networks. 


Throughout our time in the 3PL space, we have learned a few things about what it means to be a true partner in creating opportunities and solutions across the client/carrier relationship. At Paystar, our dedication to sustainable partnership starts with people. 

We aren’t just matching loads and lanes, our team works to hand select the carrier partners that are ideal fits for your long term capacity needs and have the foundations in place to continue to grow with your business. 

For our clients this means less single-load lane filling and more long term solutions in your trouble lanes. For our carrier partners, it means sustainable capacity and predictable revenue. 



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